at Prairie Links. Professionally designed and built, Prairie Links Golf Course offers 18 holes of challenging golf to all skill levels. Spacious watered fairways and large elevated greens add to the natural beauty of this 6,614 yard jewel of a course. Come see why Golf Advisor rated us the top course in Iowa in 2017 and 2018.

Course Details

Par: 72
Yards: 6,614
Built: 1999
Golf Course Size: 245 acres
Head Golf Professional: Nathan Haaland
Dress Code: Denim and un-collared shirts are welcome at Prairie Links. All that’s required is you leave your shirt on while playing. Thank you!

Prairie Links Golf Course Scorecard
Hole #1 Hole #2 Hole #3 Hole #4 Hole #5 Hole #6 Hole #7 Hole #8 Hole #9 Hole #10 Hole #11 Hole #12 Hole #13 Hole #14 Hole #15 Hole #16 Hole #17 Hole #18

Hole #1

Par 4 | 369 Yards
Blue 348 Yards
White 322 Yards
Yellow 297 Yards
Red 273 Yards

Start your Prairie Links experience at the par 4 1st. The large fairway is very hittable, with a small bunker flanking the left-hand side. Drive it straight and leave yourself with a 100-150 yard approach shot to a slightly elevated green. Club up and don't leave it short in one of two green side bunkers.

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Hole #2

Par 4 | 326 Yards
Blue 311 Yards
White 298 Yards
Yellow 280 Yards
Red 259 Yards

Take advantage of one of the best birdie chances on the course at the drivable par 4 2nd. Play it safe in the fairway and you'll end up with a short approach shot to this uphill green, while big hitters can go for the green over the right-hand fairway bunker.

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Hole #3

Par 5 | 515 Yards
Blue 486 Yards
White 457 Yards
Yellow 419 Yards
Red 379 Yards

The most important shot on the par 5 3rd will be your drive. With one of the smaller landing areas on the course, if you can put it in the fairway then par will be much more manageable. The blind second shot will funnel your shot down to the right and towards the green, but don't hit it long as water awaits you behind the green. The split green shares a green with Hole #6, so be sure you're hitting towards the right flagstick.

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Hole #4

Par 4 | 484 Yards
Blue 455 Yards
White 425 Yards
Yellow 384 Yards
Red 350 Yards

Let the big dog eat at the 4th, the longest par 4 at Prairie Links. For the best approach to this slightly uphill green, land your drive in the middle-left of the fairway. Club up for the second shot and aim right as the fairway will naturally funnel your ball towards the green. Don't miss left if you want to par this hole, as a bunker and large drop off are all that await.

Hole Flyover

Hole #5

Par 3 | 167 Yards
Blue 145 Yards
White 134 Yards
Yellow 114 Yards
Red 93 Yards

Keep it straight and you will be rewarded at the par 3 5th. Missing short is just fine, but any other direction will make this par 3 more difficult.

Hole Flyover

Hole #6

Par 5 | 526 Yards
Blue 498 Yards
White 472 Yards
Yellow 433 Yards
Red 356 Yards

Don't miss your drive left at the par 5 6th. A large fairway that opens up to the right will be your aim, while the thick rough awaits to the left. This long straight hole will require a couple straight shots in a row to be left with an easy approach shot to the large, flat, split green. Aim for the right flagstick and don't miss left in the water.

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Hole #7

Par 3 | 148 Yards
Blue 131 Yards
White 122 Yards
Yellow 103 Yards
Red 81 Yards

A wonderful birdie or par chance awaits you at the shortest hole on the course, the par 3 7th. A large green side bunker sits on the left, so keep it out of the beach and you'll be set.

Hole Flyover

Hole #8

Par 4 | 380 Yards
Blue 360 Yards
White 338 Yards
Yellow 316 Yards
Red 285 Yards

A straight drive will set you up for a solid par chance at the par 4 8th. Miss right if you must, but keep your drive out of the left rough or you'll be left with a tough approach shot. Hit it straight and you'll be looking at a downhill shot to the green. Club down and hit it tight, avoiding the left green side bunker.

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Hole #9

Par 4 | 352 Yards
Blue 334 Yards
White 316 Yards
Yellow 290 Yards
Red 265 Yards

The par 4 9th will reward a fairway drive with a short approach shot. Feeling strong? Cut the bunkers on the left and go for the fairway or even the green, but don't miss short or you'll be in the thick stuff.

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Hole #10

Par 4 | 378 Yards
Blue 357 Yards
White 330 Yards
Yellow 307 Yards
Red 278 Yards

Ease into the back 9 at the very parable 10th hole. This par 4 from an elevated tee box welcomes you with a wide fairway flanked by bunkers on either side. Avoid the bunkers and you'll be left with a slightly downhill approach shot to this large inviting green. Don't miss back left as the green falls off. Clubbing down may be in order to leave yourself with an uphill putt.

Hole Flyover

Hole #11

Par 5 | 511 Yards
Blue 357 Yards
White 330 Yards
Yellow 307 Yards
Red 278 Yards

Reaching the green in two is a feat only few have accomplished on the par 5 11th. Conquer this hole with a steady drive and approach shot, making sure to avoid the bunkers down the left-hand side. If you've accomplished this, you're left with a short chip to the green surrounded by bunkers and water.

Hole Flyover

Hole #12

Par 4 | 411 Yards
Blue 383 Yards
White 357 Yards
Yellow 430 Yards
Red 397 Yards

Par will only find the resilient golfer on the testy par 4 12th. Avoid the urge to fly the water - only the biggest of hitters will be able to carry - and layup as close as possible. A difficult approach shot awaits even the best of drives. Club up to reach this extremely elevated, but very large and inviting green over the water.

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Hole #13

Par 3 | 182 Yards
Blue 157 Yards
White 136 Yards
Yellow 117 Yards
Red 99 Yards

The lengthy par 3 13th can make or break your round. Don't miss long or to the right, as you'll surely find the water if you do. Short is always safe on this hole, so club down to be safe if you're not hitting it pure today.

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Hole #14

Par 5 | 529 Yards
Blue 505 Yards
White 475 Yards
Yellow 437 Yards
Red 391 Yards

If your round is still intact, or if it needs a lift, get ready for a birdie opportunity at the par 5 14th. With not much to worry about around this fairway, a straight drive and second will leave you with a short approach to this large green. Keep your shots to the right on this dogleg left to avoid the fairway bunker and have a better angle of approach to the green.

Hole Flyover

Hole #15

Par 4 | 470 Yards
Blue 437 Yards
White 408 Yards
Yellow 364 Yards
Red 341 Yards

This long par 4 is difficult to reach in two, so a confident drive is a must to have a chance at par. With a blind landing to the fairway, aim for the guide stake and let it rip. Turning your drive to the right is the best approach, but not too far as a fairway bunker lurks on the right.

Hole Flyover

Hole #16

Par 4 | 350 Yards
Blue 325 Yards
White 304 Yards
Yellow 285 Yards
Red 256 Yards

Unleash your driver on one of the better birdie opportunities on the course at the short par 4 16th. A very wide fairway will give even the errant hitter comfort. Find the fairway and you're left with a short approach shot to a large uphill sloping green.

Hole Flyover

Hole #17

Par 3 | 152 Yards
Blue 131 Yards
White 111 Yards
Yellow 94 Yards
Red 85 Yards

Danger lurks all around the green, but the short par 3 17th can be tamed by an accurate short iron. Swing easy and miss long if you must miss, as water awaits short, and bunkers on either side.

Hole Flyover

Hole #18

Par 4 | 364 Yards
Blue 341 Yards
White 313 Yards
Yellow 292 Yards
Red 256 Yards

Breathe easy and stare down another wide inviting fairway at the par 4 18th. Miss the fairway bunker on the right - or fly it if you're a big hitter - and you're left with a short approach shot to one of the larger greens on the course. Stick it close and end your round with an easy par.

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Rates & Booking

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Green Fees

Regular Golf Rates:
18 Holes: $30
9 Holes: $20

Youth & College Rates:
(Under 18 or Valid College ID)
18 Holes: $15
9 Holes: $10

Cart Fees

Per seat:
18 Holes: $20
9 Holes: $12

Golfboard Rates

18 Holes: $20
9 Holes: $15

Awards & Accolades

Top Courses in Iowa (2018 #1) (2017 #1)
Top 25 Courses for Layout in the U.S. (2018 #7)
Top 25 Course Conditions in the U.S. (2017 #10)
Top 25 Courses for Pace of Play in the U.S. (2017 #22)

As rated on Golf Advisor.


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