Ladies League

Would you be interested in playing your own ball if handicap were involved?

Which option would you choose?

If we were to keep the same format we've had in the past, would you be open to drawing 8 winners each week instead of paying out the top 4 winners and then randomly drawing the next 4 winners?

If we switch the 9-Hole league to a handicap format would you participate in Ladies League?

A couple years ago we did short lessons before the ladies league. If we were to incorporate that again would you participate?

Questions, Comments or Concerns


  • Paula Michel says:

    I love the 5-hole league!!!

  • Betty Hogan says:

    If we need to find our own subs, I would rather be a sub.

  • Grace C Ivey says:

    I don’t play the 9 hole so I didn’t fill out the complete survey but one of the questions I vote YES — I did like the golf tips that were given prior to league play!

  • Janet Withers says:

    I would like to see using yellow tees for lower handicap players.

  • jan nelson says:

    Looking forward to league. Thanks for your efforts to be responsive to comments.

  • Marcia Haugen says:

    To be honest, I’m not sure if I will be joining league this year. I am contemplating being a sub instead.

    I would be in favor of playing my own ball more and not just playing games. I am also in favor of using a system (handicap if that is what will work or else teeing off at different tee boxes) to equal the playing field between the low and high handicap players.

    As far as lessons go, I might participate in some but not all. Some of the lessons were not helpful to me so felt like a waste of time.

  • Dianne Barton says:

    I think it’s very important for the club to establish a women’s league incorporating handicaps. But at the same time also have the league as it has been played in the past. There are still too many women who are not interested in having a handicap. They just want a night to come out- play stress free golf game and have drinks and dinner

  • Gail Sexton says:

    My first preference is playing with a partner in a best shot format like we’ve done in the past. I think it’s a good idea to reward the best scores each week in addition to adding the random winners each week. Definitely interested in the weekly lessons again. One of the favorite events for league seems to be the Kings and Queens night. With everyone’s busy schedule you might consider asking the “designated drivers” way in advance so the guys can commit to helping with that event. Thanks for all you do to make Ladies League enjoyable. Looking forward to golfing!

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